Accessing Windows Plesk Control Panel

How to access Windows Plesk control panel.

Once you ordered and had for your windows hosting plan you will get welcome email with all login details for your Plesk conrol once your server is setup by your host. Now if you want to access your server control panel please follow following steps :
Login to your Plesk Control Panel you will get all login details in your welcome email.
You need to Click on Clients from the navigation bar on the left side of your panel.

Now you need to click the Add New Client Account icon.

You need to enter the following Mandatory fields.
Contact name – The name you entered would appears in the Clients list as well as when you select a client to add a new domain. Make sure the contact name is unique so that it will work with Plesk system.
Login – You need to assign a Plesk Login Name (username) to a client, thus you grant that client access to Plesk for independent account administration. You need to have unique login name for each client for Plesk Login, you can use alphanumeric, dash, dot and underscore symbols within login name.
Password – You must enter a password to each client for security purposes, Note: Do not use quotes, space and national alphabet characters in the password. The password should be between 5 and 14 characters long and must not be the same as the login name.
Confirms Password - In order to make sure that you have entered the password you wanted, re-enter it in this field.
Review the entered information. Leave the Proceed to configuring client’s IP pool checkbox selected and click OK. The client’s IP pool will open. Select a desired IP address in the list of Vacant Imps, and click Add>> to add it to the pool.

Finally, click OK. The client account is created and the client is provided with IP address(IPs) necessary for hosting domains. The Client Home page appears, providing you with client account management functions.

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