Managing PHPMyAdmin through Plesk control panel

Plesk is supported on both windows as well as linux hosting platform thus you can have PHPMyAdmin on both platform usign Plesk as control panel using whcih you can manage any MySQL databases which you have created for Plesk based website hosting account.
Thus you can host your PHP based website or any applications in windows or linux hosting platforms you have to make sure that pleask control panel is installed for your server and is configured properly for accessing PHPMyAdmin.
You can launch PHPMyAdmin for accessing MySQL databases which you have created through plesk all you have to do is to activate it under databases option from your Plesk control panel. In order to launch PHPMyAdmin for MySQL databases you will have to select web administration icon for MySQL database.
PHPMyAdmin will then load for the database that you have selected to manage Most important thing to note that you cannot administer more then a database at a time using Plesk PHPMySQL option but if you are usign it under cPanel then you can administer many databases simultaneously.
Thus if you are using PHPMyAdmin from Plesk version you will have to go back to Plesk control panel and launch a new session of PHPMyAdmin for each MySQL database that you wish to monitor/administer.

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