Web Hosting In Few Steps (Part I)

How to host a website on web hosting server?

Building a website has become a easy task because of the tools that we can find on the Internet. Everyone can use these tools to build a site. Building a site is creating the web pages. These pages are typically HTML programming files. Once the overall process is done, the important question that comes to the mind is “where to host those files“.

This question is basis for the term web hosting. Let’s see what happens when we write the address of a site in the browser . The examiner inspects the URL and determines the direction of the hosting service, ie, the direction of web hosting. The server hosting the main server that stores web page files. Then sent to the browser hosting the page requested by the client.

It is clear that every website needs a remote computer called a server or web hosting that stores files and pages of the site. And if a page is requested by the user, then the hosting service send it to the browser. Web servers are like a home computer but with much more capacity. When building your website all this imply a choice about where to host the files of your pages, that is, the choice of your web hosting server.

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Dedicated Server Web Hosting

The web hosting services that are more reliable and you can take up is dedicated servers web hosting. In a dedicated server you get all the server space, not like shared servers where you share space and bandwidth with other websites. You are the only one who is having complete control of the server and you can do whatever you want for your web hosting needs.

You can find a lot of dedicated hosting services, but all of them are having their own unique features. When you choose required services for your self, you have to pay specific amount of fees for managing the server. Any additional requirements are charged extra. If you are thinking about taking up dedicated servers services, you need to think about some factors so that you take up reliable services that gives you the kind of durability and integrity that you require for your online business activities over the internet. Here are some tips on what to check out.

  • Just take a look at the bandwidth provided by service provider because this needs to be suitable for your business requirements.
  • Look into the hardware capacity of the server for the reason that it must be enough for all your processing requirements. You will not like to see your site’s activities slowing down because of insufficient memory space.
  • Don’t forget to check the server backup routine plans offered by your service provider. You should keep a track record and should know well that when and how back-ups are taken.
  • Analyze the quality of service offered and how well thing are managed by the service provide before taking up any service. You should be able to contact support when you need it the most.

There are lots of benefits in taking up dedicated web server requirements. Once your business starts growing, you will have more than normal site traffic. Your server needs to have the required functionality and robustness to handle this, or else you may lose business just because your server went down. While you can face downtime and slowdown in shared servers, you will not face such  problem with a reliable dedicated server. In dedicated servers you get the operating system and control panel option, so you can set the server to provide the kind of functionality that you expect. You have the flexibility to load exactly the kind of software that you want and you can put all your site projects into one place, rather than have your web site spread over a bunch of different hosts.

Lots of dedicated server hosting companies are having reliable customer support. You can have a managed dedicated server because you will not need to take care of back ups, server functioning, software updates and much more. Many organizations are going with dedicated servers because of the advantages that come with it. Using dedicated servers give them more reliability, space, flexibility and security in running their business over the internet.

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