Web Hosting In Few Steps (Part I)

How to host a website on web hosting server?

Building a website has become a easy task because of the tools that we can find on the Internet. Everyone can use these tools to build a site. Building a site is creating the web pages. These pages are typically HTML programming files. Once the overall process is done, the important question that comes to the mind is “where to host those files“.

This question is basis for the term web hosting. Let’s see what happens when we write the address of a site in the browser . The examiner inspects the URL and determines the direction of the hosting service, ie, the direction of web hosting. The server hosting the main server that stores web page files. Then sent to the browser hosting the page requested by the client.

It is clear that every website needs a remote computer called a server or web hosting that stores files and pages of the site. And if a page is requested by the user, then the hosting service send it to the browser. Web servers are like a home computer but with much more capacity. When building your website all this imply a choice about where to host the files of your pages, that is, the choice of your web hosting server.

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