Linux VPS hosting : The choice of small businesses

linux vps hostingExisting Small businesses start searching for more enhanced web hosting platforms, primarily  when traffic starts to trickle in, increase in customers and expanding experience makes the need to switch over to a better, faster and more secure hosting solution. In such cases, VPS hosting works best to meet the needs.VPS hosting allows companies and individual’s to upgrade themselves to a better web hosting solution, without shedding more financial resources. With a VPS, a physical server is divided amongst number of logical partitions and each partition works as an independent virtual server. A web hosting provider offers these virtual machines to customers, offering almost the same qualities of a dedicated server, that too at a much lesser price.

VPS hosting is available with Linux and Windows platforms. Now a days more number of customer’s have started to opt for Linux VPS Hosting. There are number of factors for the changing preferences. Linux services are attractive because of the intrinsic power and flexibility that Linux operating system offers to its users. Linux VPS hosting packages give the end user more authority and control over their virtual servers, at fairly lower costs. It offers simplicity, flexibility and customization to manage hosting resources of customer and also it is an open source technology with no licensing fees therefore reducing the cost that needs to be born by the end user.

Linux VPS hosting is secure and delivers dedicated server like features to customer’s which may help to enhance business without any worries. Linux lends equal support to all applications and it is considered to be the future of web hosting industry.

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Dedicated Server Hosting – Ideal Solution For You Business Needs

Dedicated Server HostingDay-by-day industry is growing rapidly and business needs are increasing accordingly. In today’s life everything is getting online, you can shop anything online through websites using the internet. The web hosting service is one of the fatest growing industry using the developed and latest technologies to offer the best deals to the consumers.

There are various types of business available online like small, medium and large. For them how to choose a hosting package..?

For a small and medium sized businesses, you may consider a shared, cpanel hosting or a VPS hosting package. However, you can’t consider a VPS for a large website. For such large and mission-critical websites, a dedicated server hosting is an ideal solution which is a fully managed hosting solution.

Nowadays, most of the websites are using shared hosting plans, but you can’t expect the flexibility, reliability, and control that you get in a Dedicated Server Hosting. It is always good to have a fully managed hosting solution so that you can focus on your core business. There are some benefits of dedicated server hosting, for example; you will be having a complete control over the server offered to you by the web hosting service provider. The web host would be the one who will manage all your web hosting aspects to ensure that your dedicated server performs good.

One of the advantages of dedicated server hosting is that you can choose your choice operating system(OS). You have a complete freedom to select the server configurations and applications that you wish to install on your server. When it comes to high-performance, you don’t have to worry about your server performance, as you will be the only one to host multiple domains on that server without sharing the resources.

With dedicated servers you get a greater flexibility option, as well as there will be no chances of hacking attempts as you don’t have to share your server with others. Leasing a dedicated server may seems to be costly, but the resources and support is worth for your business success.

The managed dedicated server hosting helps to save your valuable time on server management issues as it will be the web hosts responsibility. The dedicated server will offer you a big range of server management services all managed by the dedicated professional staff. The server management services includes the installation, upgrades and patches of the sofwares, routine server monitoring, backup of files and 24x7x365 tech support for all your hosting issues.

If you are looking for a completely secured, flexible and customized solution for you business, then Dedicated Server Hosting is the right choice for you.

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