Video Hosting

Having Video on your site is good for attracting more visitors and thus more business.
If you are looking for presenting your product service in video format rather then traditional text format then you its you will have to search a webhost who support video on their servers. If you have a tight budget you can consider free video hosting service provider but then you will have limitations thus if you want to put video on your website for commercial purpose then you will have to go with a paid hosting service provider. There are may web host who offers you special hosting packages just for video hosting sites.
All video sites requires good amount of server resources thus you will have to go with a host who offers you enough amount of server resources such as diskspace and bandwidth.
While choosing  video hosting service provide you should consider following factors : First point you have to consider is the technical features which are being offered by the companies. You should look for the host who can provide you the exact facility and should satisfy all your hosting requirements in terms of bandwidth, diskspace etc…. you should also check what is the size of the video that the company allows to upload.
If you have a long video file then its size would be much bigger which is hard to digest for your webhost. Thus you will have to compress it to the size which you’re host will allow. Such compression may degrade video quality thus make sure what is the video upload size limit.
Thus its always better to crosscheck upload video file size before placing order with any host. You should also check for security patches implemented on server with your webhost. Your account should be hosted on highly configured server which is capable iof handling all video processing request. Your webhost should not host thousands of video intensive sites on same server which may affect overall performance of all sites hosted on that particular server.

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