Choosing Reliable WebHosting company

In webhosting industry you have free hosting as well as paid hosting options. Most newbie webmaster prefer free hosting just to have basic knowledge of webhosting industry, there is no problem with free hosting if you have personal or basic website but if you are planning to have business website or want to use your site for commercial purpose then its always suggested to have paid hosting. All paid host will try to offer you round the clock support with maximum uptime for your website. Thus your site will never face any downtime, This is because you have team of experts who will manage your hosting account and will try to keep servers up and running round the clock.

As hosting industry is getting oversaturated and all host try to attract webmaster to get their hosting plans they just oversell their hosting products and sometime you are in wrong hands and you may face problem with such cheap host. Its always recommended to have few checkups  before you pay your hosting fees to any host.
Make sure what diskspace and bandwidth do your hosting service provider will offer you. Crosscheck what would be the plan upgradation cost if you want to upgrade your hosting plan to next higher level. Do they charge you extra setup cost for setting your account for higher plan. If you are hosting a simple personal website then 20MB is enough so better to look at hosting plans with your preferred host. If you are having a heavy traffic website with large image files and videos on your site then you can consider higher hosting plans such as VPS or dedicated servers. If you want to install some custom scripts or softwares then you can consider VPS or Dedicated servers.
Choosing hosting plan depends on your hosting requirements thus make sure you go through all hosting plans which your webhosting service provider is offering.
If it’s a personal site then shared hosting is more then enough else if you are having heavy traffic site with huge data, video and thousands of images on your site then you should consider VPS or dedicated server.
If you want to manage your hosting account independently then you will have to consider higher hosting plan which will give you more server resources and more freedom. Choosing hosting plan also depends on your budget. You should go with a webhost who take utmost care for their servers and monitor all servers round the clock for their uptime.
If you are running ecommerce website you may feel need of having SSL certificate for your site, thus you should also look if your webhost support/provides Dedicated SSL certificates. Having Dedicated SSL certificates will help you to have secure financial transactions for your site thus its important point which you should check with your webhost. Any webserver may face any technical issue and your data may get corrupted or lost so its always recommend to check if your webhost have any king od data/server backups. You should also take frequent backups for your website so that your website data can be uploaded and your site would be available even if your webhost server has faced some technical issue and all data has been lost. Technical support is must which should be easy to communicate and should be round the clock. Some webhost only provides you email support which may take some more time for your issue to get resolved, thus you should go with a webhost who is available round the clock Live chat can be a good option. Try to get a webhost who offers you Live chat support so that your issues can be resolved instantly.

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