HyperVM, Virtuozzo VPS Hosting

VPS hosting packages are becoming more popular and are consideres as cheaper option for Dedicated servers if you are looking for getting root / RDP access for your server. When it comes for VPS control panel you have 2 different options like HyperVM and Virtuozzo Power Panel.

HyperVM is basically designed for use with the OpenVZ or Xen VPS’s while the Virtuozzo Power Panel is designed for use with Virtuozzo based VPS servers. If you are looking for some budget VPS hosting providers then you may prefer having OpenVZ with HyperVM for cost cutdown.
Virtuozzo is used by web hosting providers who want to offer a quality VPS hosting service, thus cost of such Virtuozzo based VPS hosting account would be slightly higher as compare to HyperVM based VPS. Both HyperVM and the Virtuozzo Power Panel have their advantages and disadvantages. As both control panels make use of different VPS daemons thus you cant compare the performance of the VPS servers that they host, although the performance of the control panels themselves can tested.

Hence if you are into webhosting business and want to offer instant VPS setup for all your clients then HyperVM should be your choice and it would be the best option for you, but if you want to offer best support with more reliable VPS then you should provide Virtuozzo with your VPS hosting account.

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