Setting up anonymous FTP using Plesk

On your Windows Hosting account you have Plesk as control panel wich is offered by your webhost. Plesk is excellent control panel for managing your webhosting account, you can easily setup domains, email accounts, FTP accounts and many other features through your control panel.

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If you want to setup anonymous FTP access for your domain using Plesk you can do so easily, you have to follow these steps  :

  • Firstly you need to access your domain administration page and will have to click on “Anonymous FTP button “ you would be redirected to Anonymous FTP Account Management page.
  • All anonymous FTP capabilities are set as disabled as a default setting. You can option for activating then, you will have to select ON/OFF button. You have a status indicator which will show you the current status if its ON or OFF.
  • If you want to allow visitors to upload files on some directory then you need to select checkbox beside allow uploading to incoming directory. Thus all visitors have anonymous FTP access and can upload files into incoming directory.
  • You can also set limit on diskspace for this incoming directory, you need to select checkbox beside limit diskspace, thus you can set diskspace quota (ie hard drive space limit) on incoming directory. You need to select Up to filed where you need to enter diskspace in Kilobytes for this incoming directory. If no specific limit is set in Up to field then the setting is unlimited, you should take care to give proper limit for this directory.
  • You also have option for setting limit on number of simultaneous connections for your anonymous FTP account, you need to checkbox beside Limit maximum simultaneous number for anonymous FTP connections and will have to give required number to limit simultaneous FTP connections. If you keep this filed blank or empty then it indicates for unlimited anonymous FTP connections can be made for specific directory.
  • You can also set maximum average bandwidth in Kilobytes per second thus you can limit on bandwidth usage for your anonymous FTP users.
  • Once you set all required fields you need to select UPDATE to submit all changes. Thus you have manage to update your anonymous FTP account using your Plesk control panel.

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Advantages of server load balancing and clustering

As your website grows and you start getting tremendous traffic for your site then you may need to get multiple servers for handling such traffic and running your webbusiness smoothly. You can cluster all your servers and can be linked to master server so that they can minimize load on master server. Having more then one servers to handle the workload will increases performance (speeding up the process), and the redundancy.
if one of the working server goes down, the other can still continue to function and can render webpage request thus it will ensure maximum uptime. Using this technology you  can group number of servers as a single virtual server which can process huge number of request at same time. Load balancing is usually implemented in conjunction with server clustering. A load balancing cluster distributes the load of incoming TCP/IP traffic, while a server cluster provides fault tolerance thus ensure you with maximum uptime guarantee and excellent.

There are many other advantages if you setup a load balancing technology for your network such as :
Flexible server management : Server administrator can easily move workload onto particular server so that he can update any server within a given cluster without affecting other servers and data accessibility.
Uninterrupted server availability with fault tolerance : In a cluster servers if any of your server gets failed then you need not have to worry about it, clustering software will detect the failed hardware and will will shift onto workload on other working server. Thus you have 100% uptime guarantee for your server.
Better scalability : If you need to add more servers for your network so as to get maximum performance you are free to do so at any point of time. Load balancing can be scaled across multiple servers in a cluster.
Thus Load balancing technology ensures you with high availability little or no downtime for Web, proxy, terminal, and VPN servers giving you optimal performance.

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