Managing your DNS Zone files using Plesk.

What is Zone file : Technically a zone is another name for a domain name or a sub-domain within your DNS server. You will have every domain and sub-domain with its zone file. Zone files contain records in plain text having DNS information that links a domain to an IP address. Every zone contains several different records. Major difference between domain and zone file is of hierarchy, a domain will have a sub-domain contained within its hierarchical structure whereas sub-domain will have a zone, its not considered as a sub-zone. There is no such thing as sub-zone, all zones are separate entity which can be linked.

If you are using Plesk as control panel for managing your webhosting account then when you create any domain it will automatically create a DNS zone for it. If you are Plesk Administrator then you have freedom to customize these DNS zones.

How to view and manage Zone files for a specific domain :
You need to Login to your Plesk as an Admin. You will get list of domains at the bottom of page, just select the domain name you want to work on. You will have Services group in which you need to click on DNS button, now you will get DNS Zone properties screen from where you can add/remove zone records, can easily change zone types, can turn off lock DNS services etc. for required domain. Thus Plesk offer you good tool for managing DNS stuffs.

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Frontpage Hosting

Frontpage is excellent product developed by Microsoft, it’s a WYSIWYG editor for creating/designing websites easily , you don’t need to have programming knowledge for developing your websites if you use this product. Its specifically a designing tool for website creation and management,  users can easily author their web pages and can develop their feature-rich websites having professional feel. As Frontpage is a WYSIWYG editor you can easily create edit all webpages, you will see all the changes instantly what you have done for your webpage. This is most important feature of Frontpage  application. All codes are created dynamically once you start building your webpages however if you know HTML you can edit code, you have this feature available with Frontpage thus you can use custom codes using Frontpage.

As you are using WYSIWYG editor you can see your website/webpage layout, background layout, fonts, colors, photos and can edits them as per your requirements. Thus using WYSIWYG editor you have freedom for creating and managing  complex webpages with not much technical knowledge required. You can create complex webpages using this applications very easily. Frontpage can be used for creating interactive web pages, can easily create forms, hit counters, search boxes, link buttons etc… you don’t need to perform any complex server-side programming for creating such features for your website. You have all tools available within Frontpage which can be used just by dragging and dropping them on your webpage while you are creating your webpages.
If you are going to use Frontpage you will have tp check with your webhost if he support Frontpage on their hosting package. Almost all webhost support Frontpage on their Windows as well as Linux hosting Plans.  You will have to check if your webhost have FrontPage extensions integrated with their server else your frontpage based website or  applications will not function properly.

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