Windows Hosting Control Panel Plesk

For managing your Windows Hosting account almost all host will offer you Plesk as control panel using which you can easily manage your hosting account. Plesk works well on Windows as well as Linux hosting account but it is preferred with Windows hosting.
Plesk is a web based interface to your Windows web hosting account that allows you to create e-mail addresses and mailboxes, view your web site traffic statistics, set permissions on your HTML, ASP, and ASP.NET pages.

Before choosing your hosting platform you need to make sure that sites which were originally created for Windows server can be difficult to move/convert for Linux Servers but it is not much difficult for moving a linux based site onto a Windows Server.

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Windows Hosting with Plesk control panel

When it comes for choosing hosting platform you have 2 different options linux and Windows hosting platform. Linux being open source is most popular as compare to Windows which is a product of Microsoft and is somewhat expensive as compare to Linux.
Almost all host offers you both hosting platforms Windows as well as Linux, it all depends on you requirements and features you will be using for your website.
If you are planning for using Microsoft applications for your site then you have to go with Windows Hosting Package. Windows based hosting platforms are much more user friendly.
If you are planning to develop your site using Microsoft owned technology like ASP, FrontPage, the .NET environment, Windows Streaming Media, Access, MSSQL etc then you should opt for Windows Hosting packages.
PHP and ASP.NET are the two main scripting languages used by web developers. PHP being open-source language which is multi-platform web programing language is widely used as compare to ASP.NET but even ASP.NET is popular among webmaster woking on Windows Platform.

ASP and ASP.NET both are widely used on Windows hosting platform but you are forced to use Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server databases if you want to have databased connectivity for your site although you can also connect to MySQL databases with help of some third party components.

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